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We donated child face masks with your help!

WCA child face mask donation pix (2).png
WCA child face mask donation pix.png

Thank you to those supporters who have already made a donation to WCA’s 2020 Spring Campaign.  In your honor, we have donated face masks to children in need at local shelters in Westchester.  


We, at WCA, have the potential to help the over 300,000 children in Westchester with your support. Help us to prepare a multitude of young people to be civically-engaged and involved in local community development through Project 2020.  We need all hands on deck to push critical issues for children who are vulnerable in the Coronavirus pandemic due to overcrowded conditions in their homes.  Let’s work together to push for policy change and supports for children that are more important now than ever.


As a thank you for your financial commitment, we will be donating more face masks to children in need.  We couldn’t do our work without your help, so please consider making a gift today.  


WCA child face mask donation pix (3).png

We would like to thank Michele Donato from “A Little Glitz” for sewing and donating 100 masks of different patterns and sizes to donate to children in Westchester through WCA.

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