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Project 2020 Voting Tools for You!

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Always prioritizing the needs of young people—especially now—as many look for ways to make their voice heard, fight to end systemic racism and police brutality, and create lasting community change, WCA will host an interactive, youth-driven Summer Virtual Event, “Project 2020: Speak Up, Speak Out!” sponsored in part by a grant from Westchester Community Foundation. This event will give youth everything they need to capture momentum and movements for change, featuring youth speakers, breakout groups for peer discussions, interactive polls, conversations with a local leader, a call to action, and resources youth can keep long after the event ends.


After you use the Voting Toolkit to prepare to vote, be sure to follow the key dates below.



Tuesday, November 3rd, 6am - 9 pm.

Find where to vote in your community.



*Register to vote online at any time


October 4: First day for local in-person voter registration

October 9: Last day to mail voter registration or register to vote in person



*If you have personal or professional conflicts on Election Day (Tuesday, November 3) that prevent you from physically being able to vote, you have time to vote ahead.

October 24 – November 1



*Complete an absentee ballot application and email it to BOE-West@westchestergov.com to receive an absentee ballot if you are unable to vote in person.


October 27 - Last day to mail for an absentee ballot application

November 2 -  Last day to apply in person for an absentee ballot

November 3 -  Last day to mail or deliver election ballot in person to Board of Elections


Election Contact information:

Westchester County Board of Elections
25 Quarropas Street
White Plains, NY 10601

Phone: 914-995-5700
Fax: 914-995-3190, 914-995-7753

Project 2020_ Speak Up, Speak Out Flyer.


WCA’s most useful resources for Westchester’s youth are our Project 2020 toolkits!

They feature step-by-step guides on topics spanning voting, community involvement, and organizing advocacy for change. Use and share them with friends and community members.


Community Engagement Toolkit


Voting Toolkit

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