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Guest Parent Blog about Remote Learning

We would like to thank Family Ties Westchester for referring us to a local parent who candidly shared their experience juggling remote learning for three children due to school closures for the novel Coronavirus pandemic.  It illustrates the frustrations felt by children and parents alike and the potential for impact beyond academics.

Good evening FTW!

How are you doing?  I sincerely hope all is well with you and your family.  Sorry that I missed the Zoom Conference today.  Thank you for the invitation to join the conversation.  The Distant Learning that (school) has assigned to my children is very challenging.  Sunday I mentioned to my son, who is in high school, about Zoom, and asked for his help to download it. This morning, he received one message --feedback from a teacher about a PowerPoint Project--  and then he had to complete the PowerPoint with his group.  He was not home all day so I was unable to get his assistance.

I helped my two youngest children with their online assignments.  My son Y's math teacher posted 11 assignments (tests) and gave him until this Friday to complete all of them.  One test was so long, he worked on it all day and needed more time to complete it so he finished it in the following day.  These online assignments are in addition to a packet that I picked up for Y and his sister M in early March.  He completed his packet in early April and I emailed the entire 200-page packet to each of his teachers on April 20, just in time for the third marking period.  I also sent via email my daughter's 100+ page packet to her teacher.  I thought this packet was all the work that my children would need to do. The school contacted me and informed me that all my kids needed to complete additional work online.  Initially, when I tried to assist my kids to use the online program, it was challenging to navigate.


The Clever Program (Brain Pop) that the (school district) site is using was having trouble so we had to wait until it was repaired.  A few days after the site was fixed, my daughter's teacher contacted her and walked her through the steps to using Clever.  Her support was instrumental in getting her on track.  She informed my daughter to only complete work from April 24 onward; she should not worry about earlier assignments, because she does not want her to become overwhelmed.

My son's W's teachers, all told him to do work from April 24, which is the start of the fourth marking period.  The math teacher is the only one who sent an enormous amount of work, while all other teachers sent him one.  I have complained to the principal, teachers, and my son's pediatrician about online learning.  I have seen my son with a twitch that concerns me and I have scheduled an appointment with his primary doctor, who said that he will refer him to a neurologist for an evaluation.

T, my son in high school, who will be a senior next year, had been working online from the first week of the school closing.  He did not have packets so as he worked online, I worked with his siblings on their packets.

I have asked my son to help me download Zoom.  He did so on the new tablet that I purchased for distant learning.  I will give you feedback about his attempt.  Thank you again for the Zoom invitation.

I will be in touch soon.  Have a great day!  Be well!😷

Anonymous Westchester Parent


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