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WCA eBulletin #3

March 2020 WCA eBulletin

- WCA response to Covid-19

- Fighting vs Medicaid Cuts

- How you can help from home

- New podcast episode!

Don't forget you can....

- Fill out your Census online


We're still fighting for kids during the Covid-19 Crisis!

Read WCA's response to the growing Coronavirus pandemic from our Board President, Ann Umemoto, and see how we are working remotely and advocating for our kids!


Low-income & Disabled kids need healthcare more than ever!

This is not the time to cut Medicaid funding for low-income and disabled children.  We stand with others to protect over 60,000 children in Westchester and millions more in our state from budget cuts to their health care. 

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1-Click Advocacy allows you to help kids from anywhere...

Ever wonder how advocacy works from your smartphone or computer? We break down the steps that let you connect with local leaders and help us advocate for children who need us.

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