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Out-Of-School Suspensions

Defined as:

The number of students removed from school as a disciplinary action. At the time the 2018 Baseline Report was released, 3.2% of Westchester County students were suspended. 

GPS4Kids Reflections:

The data for this indicator reported in the 2018 GPS4Kids Baseline Report was released in 2016. That data set provided numbers from the school year ending two years prior (2013-14). This is a four-year lag.

  1. Is there a more efficient way to collect data?

  2. Is there value in data sets already several years old?

  3. Is there a way to get more timely data from local partners?

Ideal outcome:

Alternatives to suspension and adjustments to codes of conduct are ongoing conversations in Westchesters' entire school communities. School discipline becomes a living set of standards that serve students and community better. 

Actions & outcome progress:

There has been a slight decline in suspensions since the 2018 Baseline Report, including both the county percentage and percentage across all races. 

Additionally, the City of Yonkers has prioritized community discussions on the new code of conduct. 

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