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Pre-K Enrollment

Defined as:

Children in the district enrolled in a Pre-K or nursery school program. This is a self-reported data set from the American Community Survey given by the U.S. Census Bureau.

GPS4Kids Reflections:

Early childhood supports, including education programs like Pre-K, provide children with a strong start. These supports lay the foundation for developing cognitive, social, and emotional skills.


Currently Pre-K enrollment is a  self-reported  data set that lacks a universal data collection structure, meaning that a variety of other child care options, such as nursery schools and daycare, are included in this number.


Some key questions:

  1. Should there be a universal standard for what counts as a Pre-K program?

  2. How can we be supportive of early childhood professionals to ensure dedicated, qualified, and passionate practitioners remain in the field and in Westchester County?

  3. What are the challenges in funding for low-income families?

Ideal outcome(s):

We want a universal data collection structure in place to capture all early childhood programs. We also want to ensure money from the state is supporting or being dispersed to high need areas in Westchester County. 






Actions & outcome progress:

Coming off the WCA Vision 3 to 3 Conference and the Next Steps Report, we will draft an issue brief to further explore our desired outcomes. This will allow us to partake in actionable steps toward adequate funding and support for the early years. 

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