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About GPS4Kids


Gathering Policy Solutions (GPS)4Kids is a collective impact initiative with the following goal: All Westchester children and youth thrive regardless of race or zip code. To get started, the group decided to focus efforts on three contributors to this end goal: Keeping kids in positive learning environments; Increasing Race Equity; and Improving Youth-Adult Relationships.
















Since restructuring GPS4Kids in August of 2016, the initiative has narrowed in on data indicators for keeping children in positive learning environments as the primary focus, or first phase of our work.


Recent Developments

A key component of the collective impact model is shared measurement. To that end, GPS4Kids has begun to monitor six data indicators that will serve as a guidepost to whether Westchester County is improving kids’ access to and engagement in positive learning environments. The 2018 GPS4Kids Baseline Report formally announced our six indicators. From here, the GPS4Kids initiative will lead the community effort to further research, impact, and improve:


Next Steps

As the backbone organization for GPS4Kids, WCA will also work to highlight what is working in these areas, identify gaps, and lead advocacy for new and/or updated policy and investments that support positive learning environments for all children and teens in Westchester.


2018 - 2019 Activities:

  • Develop GPS4Kids Data Warehouse with longitudinal analysis of six data indicators.

    • This warehouse will also serve as a useful tool for the WCA Community Snapshots and other data projects. Our hope is to build a culture of data sharing and data analysis with our GPS4Kids partners, and other partners throughout the organization.

  • Create GPS4kids Collective and formally invite partners to join with clear expectations of their contributions to our data indicators and the overall GPS4Kids goal. We will offer:

    • Access to the GPS Data Warehouse

    • Professional teach-ins and other resources at our bi-annual meetings

    • Networking opportunities among other collective members

    • Support from the collective on any GPS-adjacent policies and mobilization

  • Release three case studies, taking a deeper dive into the data for Pre-K Enrollment, Disconnected Youth, and number of high school guidance counselors.

  • Improve communication through increased GPS4Kids newsletter readership and podcast listenership.