Spring has finally arrived and with promises of warm and sunny chimes ahead, it's set to be a scorcher. However, while some will praise the sunny days ahead, over 10 million of us (almost 20% of the UK population) will dread the return of blossoming trees as it means that hay fever is back for another year.


The hay fever misery usually starts to set in around late April/early May. This is when the trees begin to release their first pollen of year mainly triggered by warmer temperatures. Sufferers usually experience itchy eyes, bouts of sneezing and a runny nose, caused by an allergic reaction to pollen from trees, grass and flowers.

If your baby suffers from hay fever, keep in mind that many doctors won’t prescribe anything to treat it for those under 12 months. This is because most treatments (like standard Piriton) are not licensed for use in children under 12 months. However there are some practical ways you can help your baby ease their symptoms, which we've covered in our guide to hay fever in babies.

If your toddler suffers from hay fever, check out our guide on soothing symptoms and tips on how to treat it. We've also outlined some of the best products below, designed to help the Spring sneezes. Air purifiers and dehumidifiers can really help clear the air for your toddler too.

Here's our pick of the best products to help toddlers with hay fever:

1. HayMax Allergen Barrier, from £6.99

– Best hay fever balm

Age: from birth

Hay Max is a totally natural balm which builds an effective protective pollen barrier under the nose of the sufferer. It is made from organic beeswax and seed oil, and is suitable for children.

Home tester, Sarah-jane, used it with her daughter who suffers from hay fever and she commented that "it definitely made a difference".

Available from: HayMax, Amazon, Holland & Barrett

2. klarify.me Allergen Blocker, £12.99

– Best nasal spray for hay fever

Age: 18 months+

This nasal spray works by protecting your child against airborne allergens such as pollen. It’s also a non-drowsy remedy and contains no antihistamine.

According to the brand the spray takes affect in 3 minutes, so offers quick relief from a runny nose.

Available from: Pharmacy First

3. Piriton Antihistamine Allergy Relief Syrup, £4.99

– Best for bed time

piriton syrup

Age: 1+

Piriton is something of a household name when it comes to hay fever products, and this syrup is designed to offer fast relief from symptoms for little ones over the age of 1.

Keep in mind that it may cause drowsiness, so our home testers like to use it at night time just before their kids are going to sleep. Our home tester, Hayley, said, "My son has allergies year round and a spoonful of this before bed works wonders, particularly in pollen season."

Available from: Boots

4. Nuage Hayfever Relief Wipes, £1.20

– Best for using on the go

hay fever wipes

Made using peppermint and tea tree oil, these wipes are designed to trap and remove pollen before it can take affect.

They come highly recommended from our home testers with one mum, Jennifer, calling them a "life saver". They're also perfect size for popping in your bag for a day out, in case symptoms appear unexpectedly.

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Available from: Amazon, Superdrug

5. Snufflebabe Room Vapour Oil, £8

– Best room vapour

Age: 0+

This vapour oil is designed to help your baby sleep if they’re suffering from a blocked nose. It’s suitable from birth and contains a blend of lemon, pine, and tea tree essential oils. You simply add a few drops to a bowl of warm water, and place it in your child’s room while they sleep (away from their sleeping space).

Available from: Superdrug, Boots

6. Vicks Mini CoolMist Ultrasonic Humidifier, £54.99

– Best humidifier

vicks dehumidifier.jpg

Age: 0+

This humidifier is definitely more of an investment purchase but could prove useful if your child's hay fever symptoms are worse during the night. As a humidifier alone it releases a cool mist, which alleviates itchy eyes and throat by adding moisture into the air. Used with the VapoPads (sold separately) it releases menthol and eucalyptus, which can also help with blocked noses.

Home tester, Leonna, found it useful for her son whose hay fever was particularly bad at bed time. She said, "It honestly makes such a difference to the air quality it stops his coughing, itchy eyes and dryness overnight. If it broke tomorrow I wouldn't think twice about repurchasing."

Available from: Argos, Amazon


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